FAQs about Chin Filler

What is chin filler?

Chin filler is a non-surgical treatment to contour and add definition or volume to the chin. It is a popular and relatively easy procedure for those people that have a weaker chin and who feel self-conscious about their side profile. and want a more balanced facial structure. On other clients chin fillers can create a stronger jawline, which is often associated with beauty or youthfulness. 


What are Chin fillers made of? 

The chin filler we use is made out of hyaluronic acid, which can naturally be found in the human body. This filler is considered gold standard nowadays because of its durability and safety profile in different densities. Hyaluronic acid is well known and studied for its hydrating properties because it can hold up 1000 X its own weight in water so it’s the ideal hydrator for the lips and skin. 

How long does chin filler last? 

Our chin filler treatments last on most people approximately 9-12. We always recommend a moderate approach and build up slowly over the course of several treatments to get the result you desire. 

How much does chin filler cost? 

Our chin filler treatment costs £375 which includes a complimentary LED treatment post treatment to aid healing and minimise swelling and bruising. If you want to book an appointment for the best dermal chin filler London click here!