FAQs about Hip Dip Filler

What is hip dip filler or a non-surgical butt lift? 

A non-surgical butt lift is a treatment where we inject a dermal filler into the hips or buttocks area. 

What product do you use for a non-surgical butt lift? 

We use carefully selected body fillers for this procedure, including HYAcorp  which is Hyaluronic Acid based and intended for body contouring and reshaping and Lanluma, which is a poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA) based filler. PLLA filler is a bio-stimulatory dermal filler, which means it stimulates your own skin to produce new collagen.  

How long does it last? 

Because we use a proprietary mix of PLLA based filler and Hyaluronic based dermal filler, you get the instant effect of the HA filler, but also the longevity of the PLLA filler. Therefore, you can see results of this treatment up to 5 years. 

How much does it cost? 

Our non-surgical butt lift package starts from £495 but entirely bespoke. This includes a complimentary LED treatment post treatment to aid healing and minimise swelling and bruising. If you want to book a consultation for the best butt filler in London click here!