An Introduction to Alluzience Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

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Alluzience is a popular anti-wrinkle treatment in London that uses botulinum toxin. 

Alluzience marks a revolutionary botulinum toxin. An injection, presented by Galderma, the leading independent dermatology company globally. It stands as the initial liquid neurotoxin readily available in the UK, boasting a registered trademark and crafted by Ipsen. This pioneering therapy is meticulously tailored to address persistent upper facial lines and creases, encompassing the notably stubborn moderate to severe glabellar lines (vertical lines situated between the eyebrows), commonly referred to as frown lines.

Distinguishing Characteristics of Alluzience

In contrast to alternative botulinum toxin-A products that necessitate dilution with sodium chloride prior to administration, Alluzience stands out by providing heightened precision and safety, eliminating the necessity for dosage calculations. Employing innovative production technologies sets it apart, ensuring it is devoid of human and animal-derived proteins, such as human serum albumin and lactose.

In contrast to conventional botulinum toxin brands, which might require 7-14 days for noticeable effects, Alluzience begins to take effect within just 24 hours post-injection. Its effects typically endure for up to 6 months, surpassing the usual duration of other botulinum toxins that typically last only three to four months. It is crucial to emphasise that the administration of Alluzience injections should be entrusted to experienced professionals, such as the medical team with years of experience at Injectual. 

Areas Alluzience Works Best

Some of the most popular areas Alluzience treats include:

Forehead lines - The frown lines between the eyebrows that make us look perpetually worried or angry.

Crow's feet - The fine lines that radiate from the outer corners of the eyes, which become more pronounced with age.

Frown lines - also known as glabellar lines or "11 lines," are the vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows on the forehead. These lines often develop over time as a result of repeated facial expressions, such as frowning, squinting, or concentrating. The primary cause of frown lines is the contraction of muscles between the eyebrows, specifically the corrugator supercilii and procerus muscles.

Where to Get Alluzience Treatment in London

There are a number of reputable clinics in London where you can get Alluzience treatment. Injectual in West London is one of the top providers of this advanced anti-wrinkle treatment.

Injectual's expert aesthetic injectors have extensive experience using Botolinum toxin  treatments like Alluzience. We take the time to fully understand your concerns and goals before tailoring a personalised treatment plan. 

Treatments at Injectual are carried out in a clinically-controlled setting using only pharmaceutical-grade products. The clinic is fully compliant with all safety and hygiene standards. You can feel completely secure in their hands.

Alluzience - A Natural Anti-Aging Solution

For those seeking a non-surgical method to smooth wrinkles, Alluzience provides notable yet natural-looking results. By relaxing certain and specific muscles, it reverses the visible signs of ageing on the face and hands. With low risk and minimal downtime, Alluzience lets you achieve a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

For anyone based in London looking to try Alluzience treatment, Injectual offers a trusted and expert service. Book your consultation today to see how Alluzience can pamper your skin with long-lasting hydration and lift from within. Start achieving your most beautiful self with natural,long-lasting anti-aging results.

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