Understanding Celluform Fat Dissolving

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As people explore natural ways to contour their bodies, Celluform has emerged as a popular non-invasive solution. But what exactly is it and how does it work? This comprehensive guide shares everything you need to know about the Celluform fat dissolving treatment process.

What is Celluform?

Celluform injections utilise a precise formulation of deoxycholic acid and soy lecithin. When injected into subcutaneous fatty deposits, these active ingredients prompt controlled breakdown of targeted fat cells. First developed in France over 20 years ago, Celluform has helped transform thousands of bodies worldwide.

Upon administration, the deoxycholic acid and soy lecithin formulation induces lipolysis within fat cells. This causes the cells to rupture and release their cellular contents as fatty lipids. The body's lymphatic system then helps safely eliminate these degraded lipids over 6-8 weeks. 

In addition, the treatment stimulates collagen production which further contributes to a smoothened, firmed appearance. The end result is gradual yet noticeable sculpting of the treated areas.

How Does Celluform Work?

During a Celluform procedure, the solution is precisely injected using an ultra-thin needle directly into pockets of unwanted fat just beneath the skin. Upon contact with the targeted fat cells:

- Deoxycholic acid and soy lecithin induce controlled lipolysis within the cells.

- The injected formulation causes the fatty cell membranes to rupture in a calibrated manner.  

- As the cells break down, they release intracellular lipids as free fatty deposits.

- The body's lymphatic system is stimulated to safely transport and eliminate these lipid residues over 6-8 weeks.

- Collagen production is increased, enhancing skin tightening post-treatment.

For a natural contouring effect, Celluform selectively reduces fat while preserving adjacent tissues and structures.

Benefits of the Celluform Treatment

Celluform's advantages have made it a preferred option worldwide:

- Reduces stubborn fat deposits in areas like love handles, back, arms by up to 30% 

- Quick results within 4-6 weeks and potential for multiple touch-ups

- Non-surgical means minimal discomfort, no anaesthesia or scarring risks  

- Controls fat elimination over time, maintaining a natural appearance

- Long-lasting for 1-2+ years when maintained with exercise and nutrition

- Precisely targets small pockets versus treating entire body areas

- Low cost compared to invasive surgical methods like liposuction

For shaping problem zones, Celluform offers a tailored yet gentle approach to body contouring.

Comparing Celluform to Other Methods

While no single treatment fits all bodies, Celluform stands out versus other options:




Best For


Injection of polidocanol, phosphatidylcholine and glucose directly into fatty deposits to achieve controlled fat cell destruction

Reduces fat volume in treated areas up to 30%

Small, localised deposits


Suction-assisted removal of larger volumes of fat through surgical cannulas

Dramatically reshapes body contours by sucking out vast amounts of fat

Excessive, diffuse fat


Exposes targeted fat to extreme cold to rupture fat cells through controlled injury

Modest 5-25% reduction of subcutaneous fat in treated areas

Minor bulges

For discrete pockets of excess fat, Celluform offers a tailored yet non-invasive solution without surgery or prolonged recovery times.

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