Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Treatment Explained

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If you've been exploring non-surgical body contouring options, you've likely come across Aqualyx injections - but what exactly are they and how do they work? This in-depth look at Aqualyx explores the science behind this popular fat reduction method.

What is Aqualyx?

Aqualyx is a clinically tested solution used for fat dissolving injections. Developed in France over 15 years ago, it contains two active ingredients - phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. When injected into fatty areas, these molecules work together to target and break down fat cells through a controlled lipolytic process.

Phosphatidylcholine is found naturally within cell membranes. In Aqualyx, it allows for selective fat cell destruction by disrupting their membranes. Deoxycholate is a bile acid normally present in the small intestine that helps absorb fats during digestion. At higher levels, it stimulates apoptosis, or programmed cell death of fat cells. 

Together, these active components disrupt fat cell integrity while avoiding harm to surrounding tissues. The results are softened contours as the body naturally metabolises and eliminates the dissolved fatty deposits.

How Aqualyx Works to Reduce Fat

During an Aqualyx treatment, the solution is administered via microinjections directly into pockets of unwanted fat beneath the skin using a very fine needle. Upon contact, the active ingredients go to work:

- Phosphatidylcholine causes controlled membrane disruption of fat cells it encounters.

- Deoxycholate triggers apoptosis signalling within these compromised fat cells, marking them for elimination. 

- The destroyed fat cells release their contents as granules which are then safely broken down.

- Inflammatory cells are attracted to clear away lipid residues over 4-6 weeks via the lymphatic system.

With each treatment, up to 30% fat reduction can occur in injected areas as the body metabolises cell contents. Through this calibrated process, Aqualyx eliminates bulges while avoiding damage to connective tissues.

Benefits of Aqualyx Injections

Some key advantages that have made Aqualyx a popular choice worldwide include:

- Effective for small to medium deposits on back, flanks, abdomen, legs, arms and more  

- Quick results within 4-6 weeks with additional fine-tuning from follow ups

- Minimally invasive - no surgery, scars or lengthy downtime between sessions  

- Natural-looking sculpting as fat is broken down gradually versus sudden removal

- Long-lasting 1-2 years when paired with a balanced lifestyle 

- Affordable costs versus other body contouring like liposuction

- Low discomfort - most experience minor bruising but no general anaesthesia needed

For shaping target zones non-surgically, Aqualyx delivers noticeable and lasting changes when performed by an experienced provider.

Aqualyx vs Other Fat Reduction Methods

While no single treatment is right for every body, Aqualyx stands out:




Best For


Injection of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate into fat to induce controlled lysis

Reduces fat volume in treated areas up to 30%

Localised deposits


Suction-assisted removal of larger volumes of fat through surgical cannulas

Dramatically reshapes body contours by sucking out vast amounts of fat

Excessive, diffuse fat


Exposes targeted fat to extreme cold to rupture fat cells through controlled injury

Modest 5-25% reduction of subcutaneous fat in treated areas

Minor bulges

Aqualyx precisely targets small problem zones without surgery's risks or recovery times.

Where to Get Aqualyx in London

For safe, effective Aqualyx fat dissolving treatments, Injectual clinic stands out. Their expert injectors have extensive experience tailoring this procedure:

- Consultations to examine your goals, health history and candidacy comprehensively

- Treatments performed under sterile conditions by highly-trained doctors and nurses  

- Customised plans designed for your specific fat distribution and desired outcomes

- Combination options available - Aqualyx enhances results of other modalities 

- Before/afters highlighting real transformations following Aqualyx injections

Schedule Your Aqualyx Consultation Today

Are you ready to bid farewell to problem zones like love handles, back flab or saddlebags through the precisely targeted fat reduction of Aqualyx injections? Injectual's medical professionals will help determine if this customised non-invasive solution aligns with your goals for lasting body shaping. Learn how the right Aqualyx treatment plan could help bring your figure into beautiful proportions naturally. Your journey starts with a consultation - schedule now.

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