A Guide To Buttocks Filler & Where To Get It in London?

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Dermal fillers are increasingly popular for enhancing facial features, but did you know they can also transform your behind? This in-depth look at buttock fillers explores the procedure, benefits and top providers in London. 

Injectual's Buttocks Filler Treatment

Our exclusive multi-filler technique utilises HYAcorp and Lanluma to achieve proportionate, long-lasting sculpting through a finely-tuned injection sequence. Combined, they provide immediate lift plus ongoing collagen-stimulating support for up to 5 years of continued refinement.  

During treatment, our team strategically places these customised solutions throughout target zones surrounding the backside to add harmony and volume while respecting your body's boundaries. Within days, an instantly revived curvature is revealed that further develops as collagen multiplies. 

Benefits of Injectual's Non-Surgical Buttocks Filler Technique

Some key advantages of our pioneering fillers procedure:

- Fast outpatient treatment with minimal recovery time 

 - Transforms your rear naturally through conservatively placed injections

 - Mirrors surgical enhancement results but without operating risks or downtime

 - Dual-filler method offers immediate shaping with enduring collagen support

 - Personalised follow-ups sustain shapely curves long-term

For balanced, proportional enhancement achieved without surgical stress, Injectual's butt fillers are unparalleled.

Is Buttocks Filler Right for You? 

While very safe, certain factors help determine candidacy for fillers specifically:

- Maintain a fit, healthy weight for most natural rear distribution

- Expect subtle contour refining versus drastic artificial alteration  

- Communicate full medical profile for all safety screening factors

- Follow-ups sustain definition from each treatment over 1-5 years

If you wish to subtly refine your backside shape through a tailored approach, our proven injectable solution could unlock new confidence.

Buttocks Filler vs Other Treatments

The following table compares our specialised buttocks filler method to other popular enhancement alternatives:



Best For



Buttocks Filler

Injectable hyaluronic acid and PLLA solutions

Conservative shaping

Fast, natural-looking, long-lasting, minimally-invasive

Requires periodic touch-ups

Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat transfer from other areas

Dramatic augmentation

Permanent results

Invasive surgery, high costs, imperfect science

Silicone Butt Implants

Saline or silicone-filled implants inserted through incisions

Adding 1-2 cup sizes

Lifelong alteration

Invasive, high scar risk, possibility of malposition or rippling

Butt Exercises

Targeted glute exercises several times weekly

Minor tightening and enlargement

Non-invasive, affordable

Requires long-term commitment, may not significantly alter shape

For balanced, proportionate refinement of your curves achieved through a tailored injectable method, Injectual's buttocks filler treatment provides an unparalleled non-surgical solution.

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