How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your hips had more volume and shape? If the indent where your outer thighs meet your hips has always bothered you, you're not alone. 

Hip Dips Filler Before and After

Known as "hip dips," this natural waist-hip transition can cause body image issues for a lot of people. Thankfully, there are now non-surgical options that can help diminish the appearance of hip dips and create a curvier silhouette. 

Keep reading to learn more about hip dips, popular correction methods, and how dermal fillers from Injectual in London can discreetly and effectively reduce hip dip prominence.

What Are Hip Dips?

To understand hip dips, it helps to know a bit about basic female hip bone structure. Most women naturally have slightly flared hips formed by protruding pelvic bones called the iliac crests. However, some individuals have more subtle curves due to less flared iliac crests. This results in a defined "dip" or indent where the outer thighs blend into the hips rather than a smoothed transition.

Hip dips are completely normal and natural. According to scientific research, approximately 80% of women have some degree of hip dip prominence. However, unrealistic societal beauty standards have conditioned many to view hip dips as a physical "flaw." The fitness and modelling industries further perpetuate the idea that an hourglass figure requires very sparse or non-existent hip dips. This fuels body image insecurities, even though genetic factors largely determine bone structure.

Hip Dips Before and After

Why Hip Dips Form

Several anatomical reasons contribute to hip dip appearance:

  • Bone structure: As mentioned, genetics determine pelvic bone structure including iliac crest flare. Those with very subtle hip flare will have more defined hip dips.
  • Low body fat: Carrying excess weight in the hip and thigh region helps conceal hip dips. Very lean individuals may have more noticeable dips due to less insulating fat.
  • Muscle mass: Strong gluteal muscles (glutes) lift and fill out the hip area. Weaker glutes cannot camouflage underlying bone structure as effectively.
  • Age: As we age, fat distribution shifts and muscle tone declines, potentially accentuating hip dips that may have been less obvious in youth.

Genetics play the biggest role in natural hip contours. However, factors like fitness level and body composition changes across our lifespan can impact perceived hip dip depth and definition. Understanding the anatomical drivers provides perspective on hip dip causes beyond simple "fat redistribution."

Hip Dip "Correction" Options

For those troubled by hip dip appearance, several popular options exist to reduce their prominence:

Diet and Exercise

Targeted weight training like squats and glute bridges along with a calorie surplus diet can help grow muscle mass in the glutes and thighs over time. However, bone structure limits how much genetic hip dips can truly be diminished this way. Strengthening and adding size to surrounding soft tissues may help disguise underlying bone shape but likely cannot eliminate hip dips entirely.

Padding and Shaping Undergarments

Hip pads, shapers, and control shorts use built-in silicone cushions or compression fabrics to push inward curves outward. While camouflaging in clothing, they do not fundamentally change body contours. Discomfort is common and results last only while worn.

Butt/Hip Augmentation Surgery

Procedures like fat transfer or implants deliver longer-term hip enlargement by increasing soft tissue volume. However, surgery inherently carries risks and recovery times. Scarring and costs also limit its practicality for many as a "hip dip fix." Filler is a gentler non-surgical option.

Dermal Fillers for Hip Dips

Injectable dermal fillers deliver natural-looking, gradual and reversible hip augmentation without surgery. By introducing volume into depressions, they smooth transitions between hips and thighs, fill out underclothing, and minimise hip dip indentations. Fillers diffuse hip dips harmlessly and discreetly, allowing you to uncover new curves when you choose.

Comparison of Popular Hip Dip "Correction" Methods





Health Risks

Diet and Exercise





Shaping Underwear





Butt Augmentation





Dermal Fillers


Few Days



As you can see, dermal fillers provide an ideal balance of hip dip augmentation, quick recovery, and minimal health risks compared to other options. Let's look closer at how fillers could help diminish your hip dips.

Understanding Dermal Fillers for Hip Dips

Fillers for hip enhancement work by substituting lost volume in the hips, adding subtle curves to create a more lifted, athletic shape. Unlike butt implants that add bulk, fillers sculpt natural definition by dispersing gel-like substances into depressions. Two of the most popular hip dip fillers are

  • Lanluma: Made of poly-L-lactic acid, it stimulates your body to generate long-lasting collagen as it gradually absorbs. Lanluma builds volume over the course of 6 weeks and can last up to 5 years.
  • Hyacorp: which is Hyaluronic Acid based and intended for body contouring and reshaping and has an immediate result that can last up to 2 years. 

During a consultation, experienced injectors like those at Injectual carefully evaluate your bone structure and tissue depth to determine ideal treatment plans. They meticulously inject high concentrations of filler into indentations in a fanning motion. This produces an immediately visible smoothing of angles while precluding overly enhanced, artificial appearances.

Most clients seek 1-3 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart depending on fillers used and desired correction. After each treatment, swelling subsides quickly while new volume integrates seamlessly into existing curves, diminishing hip dips gradually over a few months as collagen thickens. Touch-ups can maintain shapely hips indefinitely without further commitments.

Fillers safely widen hips 2-3 centimetres on average. While genetics cap extreme transformation, even subtle diffusion yields major confidence benefits and noticeably reduced hip dips under clothing. With expert administration, complications are exceedingly rare and short-term side-effects mild. Fillers are minimally invasive yet highly effective for natural hip dip correction.

Experience Transformative Hip Dip Reduction with Injectual 

For those who are London-based or able to travel, Injectual offers a tailored hip dip filler service in a comfortable, high-end setting. The facilities are state-of-the-art and all providers are fully qualified with multiple certifications. We focus on safety, using only trusted injectable brands and sterilised equipment.

We even offer complimentary consultations for those considering treatment but who first want to explore how much ml’s they would require. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss filler safety, realistic expectations, potential outcomes, and long-term advantages All of your concerns will be addressed confidentially and expertly.

With safe, gradual, and natural-looking hip dip reduction now an option, saying goodbye to this insecurity has never been simpler or more achievable. Book your consultation today to commence your hip enhancement journey at Injectual —the true experts in non-surgical body contouring. 

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