What is Jalupro & Where Can You Get it in London?

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With each passing year, the battle against ageing intensifies as fine lines multiply and skin loses its youthful elasticity and glow. In our quest for timeless beauty, more of us are turning to innovative skincare treatments to help us look and feel our best. One such treatment gaining popularity in London is Jalupro skinbooster therapy - a revolutionary non-invasive procedure fusing advanced science with astounding aesthetic results.

As the leaders in aesthetic medicine in London, we've helped hundreds of clients transform their skin with the rejuvenating effects of Jalupro at our clinic, Injectual. Through this article, we'll be exploring everything you need to know about this game-changing treatment - from what exactly Jalupro is and how it works its age-defying magic, to the areas it treats and the dramatic benefits you can achieve. We'll also address some common concerns and explain how our expert practitioners customise each Jalupro session here for your unique skin needs and goals. 

By the end, we hope you'll be inspired to book your own Jalupro experience and experience the transformative power of this youth-boosting treatment firsthand.

What is Jalupro?

Put simply, Jalupro is a skinbooster designed to deeply hydrate, strengthen, and regenerate skin for a visibly rejuvenated and luminous complexion. It achieves these anti-aging effects through its unparalleled concentration of hydrating hyaluronic acid and collagen-stimulating peptides and amino acids.

Jalupro contains a remarkable 80mg of hyaluronic acid per treatmentper 1ml dose - far surpassing all other hyaluronic acid serums on the market which typically contain only 1-2% HA. As we age, our natural hyaluronic acid levels taper off, leading to dry, dull skin prone to fine lines. Jalupro floods the skin barrier with this moisture-magnetising molecule to replenish hydration from within.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, Jalupro is formulated with a proprietary blend of peptides and amino acids clinically shown to trigger new collagen and elastin production. As collagen declines with age, the skin loses firmness and structures like wrinkles become more pronounced. Jalupro stimulates fibroblast cells to synthesise fresh volumes of collagen and elastin, effectively turning back time on ageing skin.

By addressing both hydration and elasticity concerns, Jalupro gives skin the intensive support and nutrients needed to reverse the signs of ageing and achieve a truly rejuvenated complexion. Its results-driven formula has set new standards for effective non-surgical skin rejuvenation.

How Jalupro Works its Youth-Boosting Magic

During your Jalupro treatment session at Injectual, one of our highly trained practitioners will cleanse and prepare your skin using our medi-spa grade protocols. They will then load a pen-like device with 1ml of the translucent Jalupro formula. Using precise microinjections, they will deliver the formula into the mid-dermis layer of the skin - where collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are produced.

Over the following days and weeks, Jalupro gets to work from within. Its hyaluronic acid molecules soak deep into the skin, plumping it from the inside out with long-lasting hydration. Simultaneously, the peptide and amino acid components stimulate fibroblast cell activity, priming them to manufacture abundant volumes of new collagen and elastin.

As your skin is infused with these structure-supporting proteins, the visible impacts are astounding - fine lines are softened, wrinkles are reduced, and plumpness returns to areas that have lost volume and definition. Skin texture transforms to a smoother, firmer appearance while hydration stays locked in. The results grow over 6-8 weeks as collagen production is renewed, leaving you with a complexion that looks not just freshened but truly rejuvenated.

Areas Jalupro Treats and the Remarked Results

While Jalupro is highly effective all over the face and neck, some key areas traditionally see standout results:


Crows' feet, under eye bags, and deep frown lines notoriously plague the eye zone as years pass. Jalupro refreshes this delicate area, visibly reducing line depths and minimising dark circles to impart a more wide-eyed, youthful gaze.

Jowls and Neck

Loose jowls and the dreaded "turkey neck" are lifted as collagen firms and tightens slackened skin. Texture transforms to a swan-like appearance.


Nasolabial folds are diminished, shadows are filled in, and a natural blush returns to once hollowed cheeks.

Additional Benefits of Jalupro Treatment

Beyond dramatically softening the visible signs of ageing, Jalupro offers several other unique advantages:

Minimal Downtime

Unlike more invasive procedures, Jalupro requires zero downtime. You can resume regular activities immediately after your session thanks to its non-irritating formula.

Natural Results

Enhanced skin with Jalupro simply looks healthier, not pulled or overstretched. Your innate beauty always shines through for a naturally rejuvenated effect.

Long-Lasting Gains

Most clients maintain a high percentage of their achieved results for 6+ months. Regular touch-ups every 6 months sustain the anti-aging benefits even longer.

Fibroblast Stimulation

The amino acids in Jalupro have been shown to strengthen collagen production through fibroblast stimulation over many weekly treatments for enduring rejuvenation.

Safe and Affordable

Jalupro involves no surgery, needles, or harsh chemicals. It delivers incredible value for its noticeable and long-term anti-aging prowess.

Customised by Expert Practitioners

Our practitioners tailor every Jalupro session specifically to your unique goals and skin concerns for truly transformative and personalised results.

Potential Concerns and Considerations

As with any potent skincare treatment, there are a few potential Jalupro concerns to be aware of:

Tenderness or Bruising

Some clients report mild tenderness, redness or occasional bruising at injection sites that resolves within hours or days. Our practitioners are masters of the injection technique to minimise any irritation.

Skin Sensitivity

Those with very sensitive skin may experience increased sensitivity in the days post-treatment. It's always best to speak to your practitioner who can adjust the formula as needed.

Visible Temporary Pockmarks

In rare cases where the skin barrier is disrupted, you may see pinpricks of blood or very mild pockmarking that disappear within several hours. Again, our careful injection method avoids these issues in most cases.

Is Jalupro Right for You?

To determine if Jalupro is suited for your individual skin needs and goals, discuss your concerns in detail with one of our practitioners at Injectual. They will review your full medical history, examine your skin up-close, and together you can decide if Jalupro's youth-boosting effects are what you're seeking.

We especially recommend Jalupro for those desiring noticeable anti-aging results without surgery or extended downtime. With Jalupro's high concentration of proven anti-agers and our expertise, we're confident you'll love your radiantly rejuvenated results.

Book Your Jalupro Treatment Today

Are you ready to experience the transformative power of Jalupro skinbooster therapy in London? With our hands-on, customised approach and state-of-the-art clinic, we've helped countless clients glow with more youthful, revitalised skin.

Simply contact our team now to book your own personalised Jalupro consultation and first treatment session. You deserve to embrace every year with confidence - let Injectual help you get there with this unparalleled anti-aging treatment.

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