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We just know you'll love your treatment with us so we're giving you £100 off your 1st treatment (over £300). Book your complimentary consultation below to start your aesthetic journey.


We just know you'll love your treatment with us so we're giving you £100 off your 1st treatment (over £300). Book your complimentary consultation below to start your aesthetic journey.


We just know you'll love your treatment with us so we're giving you £100 off your 1st treatment (over £300). Book your complimentary consultation below to start your aesthetic journey.

"We aim to standardise, democratise and modernise medical aesthetics, ensuring the highest level of expertise, integrity and safety."

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At Injectual, our proprietary Cheek Filler Treatment helps restore volume and contours to sculpt beautifully defined cheeks, giving you a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

As the specialist injectables clinic in London, we understand that well-defined cheeks are integral to an attractive, balanced facial structure. 

With expertise in dermal fillers, our expert medical professionals can artfully restore fullness and lift using Maili, crafted to complement your unique bone structure.

What is Cheek Filler Treatment?

With ageing, the cheeks tend to lose prominence as fat pads and collagen diminish over time. This leads to a sunken, gaunt appearance. Our Cheek Filler Treatment uses Maili, an advanced hyaluronic acid dermal filler, to replenish lost volume.

During treatment, our specialists carefully assess your facial features and desired results. Using innovative techniques, they then inject tiny amounts of Maili deep within the cheek area to sculpt subtle yet impactful curves. The filler plumps depleted fat pads for a contoured look without appearing overly augmented.

"While cheeks naturally flatten with age, dermal fillers allow us to subtly rebuild lost volume and reshape the face," says Dr. Veerle Rotsaert. "At Injectual, we take great care to study each patient's unique bone structure and desired results, ensuring enhancements complement natural features."

Benefits of Our Cheek Filler Treatment in London

Hyaluronic acid fillers like Maili offer numerous benefits for restoration of youthful cheeks:

Restored Volume and Contour

Replenished cheek fullness creates symmetry and definition through subtle curves.

Natural-Looking Results

Our specialists' artistry achieves smooth, balanced enhancements imperceptible from your original face shape.

Improved Facial Harmony

Enhanced cheeks foster a rejuvenated appearance by lifting surrounding areas like under eyes and mouth corners.

Long-Lasting Results

On average, Maili lasts 6-12 months, retaining volume over time far longer than other solutions like fat grafting or implants.

Minimal Discomfort

A sophisticated hyaluronic acid like Maili involves minimal pain during placement thanks to built-in lidocaine.

Safe and Responsible Choice

We source only premium dermal fillers with proven safety profiles, carefully assessing each client's needs and potential risks.

Is Cheek Filler Treatment Right For You?

Good candidates for our Cheek Filler Treatment exhibit signs of flat or deflated cheeks due to ageing or genetics. Some additional factors our specialists consider include:

  • Skin elasticity: Cheeks prone to sagging may require additional lifting techniques.
  • Lifestyle factors: Sun damage or weight fluctuations can accelerate loss of definition over time.
  • Bone structure: Individual facial architecture impacts the degree and placement of volume loss.
  • Desired results: Candidates hoping to restore subtle fullness generally fare better than those seeking dramatic change.

An initial consultation allows our team to thoroughly assess your needs and determine if fillers provide the most natural-looking and responsible solution. 

How Does Cheek Filler Compare to Other Options?

When seeking defined cheekbones, consider these popular treatment alternatives:





Cheek Fillers (e.g. Maili)

Hyaluronic acid gel injected to restore lost volume.

Instant, natural-looking results that last 6-12 months. Low-risk, minimal downtime.

Swelling, bruising (rarely): resolves within 1-2 weeks.


Permanent silicone or other implants surgically inserted.

Permanently reshaped cheeks.

Risks of infection, shifting, capsular contracture requiring revisional surgery. Higher costs.

Fat Transfer

Own fat harvested and reinjected to cheeks.

Long-lasting contour but multiple sessions typically needed.

Fat reabsorption risks. Possible hardening or lumpiness requiring corrective liposuction. More pain than fillers.

Thread Lifts

Absorbable threads placed under skin to stimulate collagen.

Subtle lifting effects but don't restore volume loss. Requires repeat treatments every 4-6 months.

Risks of visible threading, unevenness, lumps or indentations. Less predictable than fillers.

While implants can provide permanent reshaping, our specialists believe non-surgical Dermal Fillers like Maili offer the safest, most natural and responsible solution for restoring lost cheek volume and definition through our proven techniques. Let's discuss if they may be right for your goals.

    Book a Cheek Filler Treatment in London

    Ready to achieve beautifully contoured cheeks and a rejuvenated look? Book your Cheek Filler Treatment at our London clinic. Our medical practitioners will discuss your goals and tailor the treatment to suit your unique facial structure, ensuring exceptional results that leave you feeling confident and satisfied.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Cheek filler restores lost volume to create definition and contours. It enhances cheekbones, lifts the mid-face and can make you look more youthful by replenishing depleted fat pads in the cheek area.

    While cheek filler doesn't offer drastic lifting like a surgical facelift, it does have subtle lifting benefits. By adding volume and fullness lower down, it helps support surrounding areas and counteracts the effects of gravity over time.

    Immediately after treatment there may be some minor swelling, redness or bruising which typically fades within 24-72 hours. Any initial irregularities will smooth out as filler integrates naturally. Our specialists ensure optimal placement for a seamless, balanced appearance.

    Adding volume to the cheeks helps support the jawline from below, creating the visual effect of lifted jowls.

    It's best to avoid exaggerated movements like wide smiles for the first few hours after treatment while filler fully sets. Smiling can disrupt the placement. You may smile in moderation, but start with small, gentle smiles and avoid broad grins until any initial swelling subsides.

    Yes, our Cheek Filler Treatment using Maili is safe and performed by our experienced team of professionals.

    The longevity of the results varies from person to person, but typically, you can enjoy the benefits of Cheek Filler Treatment for several months to a year.

    Cheek Filler Treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, and most patients can resume their regular activities immediately after the treatment. Some mild swelling or bruising may occur but should subside quickly.

    Absolutely! Our team can tailor a comprehensive treatment plan to address your unique concerns and achieve your desired aesthetic goals.

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    Our founder Dr. Veerle, MD, FEBOPRAS, FCCP, is one of London's leading female plastic surgeons and is the co-founder of London’s holistic clinic, Tempus Belgravia. As her favourite motto is 'To be the best you need to learn from the best', Dr. Rotsaert has been travelling the world on the hunt for the world's leading techniques. Her and her peers' knowledge and skill have been used to create 5 proprietary techniques that will be used in all INJECTUAL clinics and by all injectors. 

     As founder of Injectual, Dr Rotsaert’s knowledge and understanding of both the surgical and non-surgical landscape is invaluable, and her commitment to helping enhance her patients’ lives continues to inspire.
    Meet Dr. Abes Nassiri, a seasoned Aesthetic Doctor and PharmD. He obtained his comprehensive single-cycle pharmacy degree, involving five years of intensive study and nearly one year of rigorous training in both medical and pharmacy schools at the University of Rome in Italy. Possessing the esteemed title of Doctor, Dr. Nassiri boasts over five years of practical experience in aesthetic medicine, cosmetic pharmacology, skincare, and skin pigmentation. His prescribing scope is specifically tailored to address a range of skin-related issues, including acne, scars, pigmentation, and eczema. With a dedication to excellence, he brings a fusion of knowledge and skill to each patient interaction, ensuring optimal outcomes and client satisfaction.

    Specialties: Under Eye Enhancement, Skin Rejuvenation, Artistic transformations, Pigmentation and Scar Removal
    Shantel Noble is an Independent Nurse Prescriber (INP) and clinical trainer. Shantel has been working full time in aesthetics since finishing a masters qualification (level 7) in non-surgical aesthetic medicine in 2018. After finalising her Level 7, she decided to combine her passion for skin with teaching and become an aesthetics trainer for Harley Academy.

    Shantel’s ethos is about achieving natural results, beautifying and restoring what was once had without changing your unique qualities.

    Shantel prioritises patient safety, ethical practice and ensuring each person has a comfortable experience.

    Specialties: Artistic Transformation + Profhilo + Skincare
    Dr Janine is an Aesthetic Doctor who graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Bristol in 2017 and has a Master’s qualification (the highest qualification for injectables) in non-surgical facial aesthetics. With a passion for teaching, Dr Janine thrives as a clinical trainer at the renowned Harley Academy.

    Dr Janine is committed to maintaining facial balance and harmony, whilst creating a bespoke treatment plan. She also takes pride in treating patients holistically, thereby ensuring natural results that are both beautiful and elegant.

    Specialties: Mid- and lowerface rejuvenation + Anti-wrinkle treatments

    Shima Samivand is an Independent Pharmacist Prescriber (PIP) and a fully qualified Aesthetic Practitioner. Shima is particularly passionate about skin health and an advocate for medical-grade skincare.

    Shima prides herself in providing personable advice supported by safe and evidence-based treatments and is a strong believer that subtle enhancements offer the best results. Having trained under some of the UK’s most respected aesthetic professionals, Shima combines the latest treatment methods with her patient centred approach to achieve her favourite aspect of the job - witnessing the confidence boost that non-surgical treatments offer to patients!

    Specialties: Skin, lip enhancements and anti-wrinkle treatments

    Introducing Dr. Goziem Onuchukwu a highly experienced facial aesthetic practitioner known for her natural and stunning results. With prestigious academic qualifications from Barts and London, and a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary's University of London, she brings a keen eye for detail and facial harmony. 

    Dr. Goziem's approach emphasises the latest techniques and personalised care to address various skin concerns. Her warm and friendly demeanour ensures a comfortable experience for every client, while her commitment to safety and evidence-based treatments guarantees excellent results. 

    Specialities: Skin + Anti-wrinkle treatment

    Dr. Nina Cunning, a skilled injector and aesthetic practitioner, holds a Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) from The University of St Andrews and The University of Glasgow. With expertise in Head and Neck Surgery, she completed prestigious training and a two-year fellowship in Robotic Head and Neck Surgery in London. Actively engaged in international aesthetics conferences, she crafts bespoke aesthetic experiences, blending skill with a personable demeanor for transformative client journeys. Specialities: Midface enhancement + Ameela

    We just know you'll love your treatment with us so we're giving you £100 off your 1st treatment (over £300). Book your complimentary consultation below to start your aesthetic journey.



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