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We just know you'll love your treatment with us so we're giving you £100 off your 1st treatment (over £300). Book your complimentary consultation below to start your aesthetic journey.


We just know you'll love your treatment with us so we're giving you £100 off your 1st treatment (over £300). Book your complimentary consultation below to start your aesthetic journey.


We just know you'll love your treatment with us so we're giving you £100 off your 1st treatment (over £300). Book your complimentary consultation below to start your aesthetic journey.

"We aim to standardise, democratise and modernise medical aesthetics, ensuring the highest level of expertise, integrity and safety."

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Welcome to Injectual, your gateway to the remarkable transformation offered by Profhilo® Body. Our dedicated aesthetic practitioners bring you the cutting-edge solution to combat visible signs of ageing and sagging skin on the body. Discover the rejuvenating power of Profhilo® Body treatment in London, designed to harness the potency of Hyaluronic Acid for stimulating collagen and elastin production, resulting in remarkable tissue improvement and a lifted, revitalised appearance.

What is Profhilo® Body Treatment?

Profhilo® Body is your ideal partner in the fight against ageing and sagging skin. This transformative treatment utilises the power of Hyaluronic Acid to effectively stimulate your skin's natural production of collagen and elastin. The outcome? A substantial enhancement in tissue quality and a tightened, uplifted look.

Profhilo® Body shines on areas like the abdomen and upper arms, where the passage of time and collagen loss lead to sagging and crepey skin. This treatment encompasses two sessions spaced 5-6 weeks apart, accompanied by an at-home Profhilo Body hyaluronic acid serum and pads. These companions bolster and prolong your results, ensuring enduring beauty for months to come.

How Does Profhilo® Body Treatment Works?

Profhilo® Body operates through a precise injection process that delivers an optimal amount of patented hyaluronic acid directly to the targeted tissue for transformation. This unique procedure facilitates three crucial actions.

Firstly, it stimulates the multiplication of the appropriate skin cells, known as proliferation. Secondly, it enhances the movement and displacement of these cells, referred to as migration. Lastly, it encourages the alignment and organisation of these cells within the tissue, known as organisation.

Moreover, this process provides a protective shield against potential damage caused by free radicals to the normal skin tissue in the area. As a result, the outcome is a remarkable journey of skin remodelling, culminating in a visible enhancement of skin laxity.

Profhilo® Body Treatment Key Features and Benefits:

  • Collagen & Elastin Boost: The magic of Hyaluronic Acid in Profhilo® Body stimulates the skin's natural collagen and elastin synthesis, fostering an enviable improvement in tissue quality.
  • Rejuvenated Appearance: Bid farewell to sagging and crepey skin. Profhilo® Body's innovative approach rejuvenates your skin's appearance, creating a tighter and lifted aesthetic.
  • Tailored Treatment: Ideal for stomach and upper arms, where natural ageing and collagen loss can take a toll. Profhilo® Body addresses these concerns, restoring confidence.
  • Dual Treatment with Accessories: Experience the synergy of two sessions combined with a Profhilo Body hyaluronic acid serum and pads, elevating and extending your results.

Why is Profhilo® Body Treatment Ideal for the Abdomen and Inner Arms?

Profhilo® Body treatment is meticulously designed for the abdomen and inner arms, acknowledging their heightened susceptibility to skin laxity. These areas are notably identified as being at the forefront of skin laxity concerns, making them prime candidates for the benefits of Profhilo® Body treatment.

The abdominal region undergoes a series of changes throughout a woman's life, particularly following events like pregnancy or significant weight loss. These shifts can result in skin laxity, making the abdomen an area that greatly stands to gain from the transformative effects of Profhilo® Body treatment.

Similarly, the skin of the inner arms is recognised as particularly vulnerable to the onset of skin laxity. This makes the inner arms another key focus for Profhilo® BODY treatment, as it offers targeted revitalization to counteract this common concern.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Profhilo® Body stands out by harnessing Hyaluronic Acid to naturally boost collagen and elastin production, leading to tightened and lifted skin.

No downtime is needed; you can resume your regular activities immediately after the session.

Profhilo® Body involves two treatments spaced 5-6 weeks apart, ensuring the best outcomes.

Experience the benefits of Profhilo® Body for approximately 6 months, showcasing its enduring effectiveness.

Profhilo® Body is designed to suit those seeking to address signs of ageing and sagging skin, especially in areas like the stomach and upper arms.

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Our founder Dr. Veerle, MD, FEBOPRAS, FCCP, is one of London's leading female plastic surgeons and is the co-founder of London’s holistic clinic, Tempus Belgravia. As her favourite motto is 'To be the best you need to learn from the best', Dr. Rotsaert has been travelling the world on the hunt for the world's leading techniques. Her and her peers' knowledge and skill have been used to create 5 proprietary techniques that will be used in all INJECTUAL clinics and by all injectors. 

 As founder of Injectual, Dr Rotsaert’s knowledge and understanding of both the surgical and non-surgical landscape is invaluable, and her commitment to helping enhance her patients’ lives continues to inspire.
Dr Thivos is a qualified doctor with a strong passion in aesthetic medicine. He graduated from one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world - Imperial College London. As well as his specialism in facial aesthetics, he has a background of working in medicine, surgery, psychiatry and A&E and has a strong background of anatomy and physiology. 

Dr Thivos takes a holistic approach for bespoke treatment planning with his patients, aiming to enhance their features and bring beautiful results while maintaining natural and harmonised outcomes. 

Specialties: Under Eye + Noses + Facial Feminisation/Masculinisation
Shantel Noble is an Independent Nurse Prescriber (INP) and clinical trainer. Shantel has been working full time in aesthetics since finishing a masters qualification (level 7) in non-surgical aesthetic medicine in 2018. After finalising her Level 7, she decided to combine her passion for skin with teaching and become an aesthetics trainer for Harley Academy.

Shantel’s ethos is about achieving natural results, beautifying and restoring what was once had without changing your unique qualities.

Shantel prioritises patient safety, ethical practice and ensuring each person has a comfortable experience.

Specialties: Artistic Transformation + Profhilo + Skincare
Dr Janine is an Aesthetic Doctor who graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Bristol in 2017 and has a Master’s qualification (the highest qualification for injectables) in non-surgical facial aesthetics. With a passion for teaching, Dr Janine thrives as a clinical trainer at the renowned Harley Academy.

Dr Janine is committed to maintaining facial balance and harmony, whilst creating a bespoke treatment plan. She also takes pride in treating patients holistically, thereby ensuring natural results that are both beautiful and elegant.

Specialties: Mid- and lowerface rejuvenation + Anti-wrinkle treatments
Dr Nadia Taha, is a practicing GP, a General Medical Council registered Doctor and a Harley Academy trained Aesthetic Doctor. Having earned her medical degree from the University of Birmingham Medical School with a background in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, she believes in delivering excellence with her expertise in a safe and comfortable environment.

Dr Taha is passionate about helping clients and therefore, offers cutting-edge safe innovations and the best non-surgical treatments to achieve natural looking but profound results.

Specialities: Cheek, Nasolabial & Temple filler

Introducing Dr. Goziem Onuchukwu a highly experienced facial aesthetic practitioner known for her natural and stunning results. With prestigious academic qualifications from Barts and London, and a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary's University of London, she brings a keen eye for detail and facial harmony. 

Dr. Goziem's approach emphasises the latest techniques and personalised care to address various skin concerns. Her warm and friendly demeanour ensures a comfortable experience for every client, while her commitment to safety and evidence-based treatments guarantees excellent results. 

Specialities: Skin + Anti-wrinkle treatment

Shima Samivand is an Independent Pharmacist Prescriber (PIP) and a fully qualified Aesthetic Practitioner. Shima is particularly passionate about skin health and an advocate for medical-grade skincare.

Shima prides herself in providing personable advice supported by safe and evidence-based treatments and is a strong believer that subtle enhancements offer the best results. Having trained under some of the UK’s most respected aesthetic professionals, Shima combines the latest treatment methods with her patient centred approach to achieve her favourite aspect of the job - witnessing the confidence boost that non-surgical treatments offer to patients!

Specialties: Skin, lip enhancements and anti-wrinkle treatments

We just know you'll love your treatment with us so we're giving you £100 off your 1st treatment (over £300). Book your complimentary consultation below to start your aesthetic journey.



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